• ‘’What tremendous service I received. I am very pleased with your service and will definitely call you guys any time I have any problems with my gutters. My gutter was blocked and I am an eighty seven year old man – in other words I am way too old to climb up a ladders and get onto my roof to see what the problem is and then still make it back down to the ground.I got your number from my son ,who highly recommended you guys and I am so thrilled I called you. The team of those five employees that came to my house were so informative. They told me exactly what I can do and what I must look out for in the future before any other kinds of problems arise.Their tips were very helpful.” Billy, Roodepoort.
  • ‘’After having a week of insanely heavy rainfall, I had so many damages to my house.I was riddled with anxiety. I am a single mother of three kids and I work every day and I have such a strict boss that would never allow me to take off work to sort out all the damage done to my house.I googled you guys and was so happy when i saw that you operate until seven o’clock at night.I finish work at four so it was so nice to be able to collect my kids from school and come home and have my gutter seen to ,all without getting into trouble at work! I thought I would have to replace my gutter as due to the heavy wind that came with the rain, my gutter collapsed. Instead, your team managed to reassemble it for me! I love the fact that they were able to salvage my existing gutter and not charge me any unnecessary costs.’’- Goretti, Edenglen.