Mistakes That Can Be Made With Self-made Gutters

When buying or building your new home, a lot of time, money and effort is put into turning it into a space that you actually want to live in and spend time in and not a place that stresses you out instantly. There are some elements of a home that slip our minds as they are not a part of our daily routine like cleaning the rain gutters or mowing the lawn, that is until something goes wrong with them. Then we get a huge fright and go into a panic. Rain gutters that are leaking, blocked, very old or breaking need to be either repaired or replaced. Some people are very handy and love a good do it yourself project and love getting their hands dirty. If you are one of these people and need to make your own gutter here are some pointers:

  • Size matters!- If you go with a gutter that is too small for your house, it will get clogged very easily and won’t be able to drain all the rain when it rains. It may even collapse eventually ,making all of your hard work go to waste. When choosing the correct size always make sure the gutter is the same size as your roof.
  • Placement is important- yes, we all know a gutter belongs on the roof but do you know exactly where on the roof it is meant to be placed? The correct placement for a gutter is a couple of inches below your roofline to avoid any damages to the siding.
  • Cheap doesn’t always mean good- we always would love to save a buck or two if possible, but don’t let that little bit of extra cash make you land up using bad quality materials that won’t last long or that will constantly cause you problems.