Gutters Johannesburg    are a vital part of a home or building. They stop water from entering your home causing damp, mould or leaks.

  • Why do I need gutters?

They protect your roof from caving in and becoming damaged. They prevent erosion and also different forms of water damage. Gutters are a very important thing to have and they should be cleaned on a regular basis and always checked for any unwanted blockages or leaks. Gutters guide water away from your home. Don’t ignore a gutter filled up with leaves or a damaged gutter. It will only land up costing you more money in the long run.

  • How expensive is a new gutter?

The cost of your gutter is all dependant on the materials used when making your new gutter. Some materials are a lot more expensive than other but they also have their pro’s like being stronger and therefore lasting you much longer, or having the ability not to rust ,making it more durable especially during heavy rainfall seasons. Also if you are doing the installation with professionals, they will be charging you a call out fee and a labour fee , which differs depending on the company you land up choosing.

  • How long should your average gutter last?

If your gutter is looked after in the correct manner and always maintained properly ,most gutters should be capable of lasting you up to twenty ,possibly even thirty years. If you go with a Copper gutter it will last you even longer ,as it is incapable of rusting. A copper gutter if looked after and taken care of properly should be able to last up to fifty years.