Cleaning And Repairing Gutters

Wherever you are in the world, the time will come where you have to do some maintenance on your gutters.

In order to do some maintenance on your gutter you’ll need to grab a ladder, climb it and start removing all the muck from out of the gutter.

Some of the muck that can clog your gutter is stuff like leaves, dead animals, and sticks. Luckily the leaves can be reused and turned into compost ,which will be glorious for your garden. Clogged gutters make a lovely breeding ground for all types of mould.

They also make perfect spots for birds to make a nest or a great place for pests to lurk such as rats or bugs. Another tip is to always look at the holes and cracks in your gutter and make an observation to make sure that there are no leaks.

Once you locate the hole or holes you can seal it up and do a self repair with some silicone bead sealing agent.

This sealing agent will stop the water from leaking and also stop the rotting of water boards.

A great way to clean your gutter after you have repaired it is to clean it with a pressure washer. They can be bought from any home department store, or there are also companies out there that rent them out if you do not want to buy one for yourself.

Once you have the pressure washer, all you have to do is connect your hose pipe to it and presto! It should work perfectly.

A pressure washer will not cause any harm to your gutter if it is properly secured and screwed in.